Draft Minutes  -  General Membership Meeting – October 6, 2004
TCNJFT – Local 2364 (AFT)

 The meeting was called to order at  by President Edelbach at 3:05

The attendance sheet was circulated. Approximately 31 people attended

Minutes from Apr 7, 2004 meeting were approved unanimously

1)      President’s Report –
Recent loss of Paul Cohen and Joe Ellis – both wree long-time Union members and supporters. Our condolences go out to the family. They will be missed.
Support for Bangladeshi worker’s program – we are contributing $1000 to this program to be presented on Wed. Oct 27. It should be good
Local 2364 – Reception for New Hires and Retirees – Wed, Nov 3 – 3 to 5 , 1855 Room – all unit members are invited

2)      Membership Report – Membership status reviewed and discussed
Outside recruiter will again be used to contact adjunct faculty

3)      Treasurer’s Report – Bank statement reviewed

4)      Professional Staff Report – Luncheon planned for Thur, Oct 14
Issues to be discussed include: NL Work, Evaluation Process, Promotions

5)      Adjunct Faculty Report – update on AF issues

6)      Librarian’s Report –  nothing to report

Information Items -

7) TRP Update – draft MOA to be distributed shortly
All full-time and part-time AFT unit members to be included in program. Not adjunct faculty at this time. Program for AF to be worked out during this academic year
All children of AFT employees will have to qualify as “regular” admits or be “wait-listed” in order to be admitted
Faculty will have to review and revise process of providing feedback on instruction

8)  Local 2364 Scholarship – discussion of possible ways in which our Local can use some funds in the treasury to support students or professional activities of unit members. Volunteers needed to investigate issue. Contact AFT office.

9)  Retiree’s Chapter – meeting was held during summer, chaired by Paul and Brenda Cohen
Survey completed and mailing list updated. Retirees will be invited to our Fall Reception

10)  Deferred Payment Option plan modification – briefly reviewed. Proposal from the College will be circulated and opinions solicited. If approved, it will be implemented next year.

Old Business –

11)    Review and discussion of draft MOA # 62
Discussion of negotiable and non-negotiable issues
Mnimum teaching load for a year - Administration originally wanted at least 2 courses
CFA indicates one as do many chairs who also have SOSA alternate assignment time. This presents a problem which must be addressed. Provost Briggs suggested language to permit one course per year minimum under certain circumstances right before start of this meeting.
Consideration of current AAWL time of 20 FTE compared with last year which was 27 FTE
Many felt the was insufficient information to consider all the factors.
Mark Kiselica and Al Pelham presented material from the “Design Team” had been reviewing and expressed the view that while we had more info now than in the past, we still didn’t have everything needed to consider all options for next year.
It was decided that we would hold at least one open meeting to review all aspects of this issue some time soon and invite the Provost to attend to present his views. We will work to jointly sponsor such a meeting with the Faculty Senate.

New Business

12)   There was no new business

Next General Membership Meeting of Local 2364 will be Wed, Dec 1 at 3:00 in AR 136
   All unit members are invited.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:45

Minutes submitted by:  John Krimmel, Vice President, TCNJFT, Local 2364