General Membership Luncheon Meeting Minutes - Draft 
May 5, 2004  AR 136

Additional Information on all the topics discussed below 
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Meeting called to order at 12:45 PM by President Edelbach
Approximately 40 members were in attendance. 

1.      Approval of April 7, 2004 General Membership Meeting  -  Moved by Jose Valentin and seconded by Art Hohmuth to accept the minutes of the April 7, 2004.  Motion unanimously accepted.

2.      President’s Report.  President Edelbach reported that President Gitenstein met with all union presidents on campus to review Governor's proposed higher education budget.  Better than last year but no significant increases. Approximately $1.4 M shortfall anticipated for next year if the budget is passed and we have a 7.4 % tuition increase. BOT's tuition hearing tomorrow at 2:30 PM

3.      Membership Report.  President Edelbach reported that the recruiter we hired was primarily responsible for adding 38 new members between 1/1/04 to 4/27/04.

4.      Treasurer’s Report.  Acceptance of report moved by Janet Morrison and seconded by Maureen Gorman. Approved unanimously.

5.      Grievance Report.  Grievance Officer John Krimmel reported one is going to arbitration in June.

6.      Professional Staff Report.  Jose Valentin reported trying to work out dates for energy saving program.

7.      Librarian’s Report.  Maureen Gorman reported that new library will be completed in Fall 2005.

8.      Adjunct Faculty Report.  Report deferred to new business under curriculum transformation topic.

Information Items

9.      Sick Leave Committee.  Volunteers sought to study current policy.  If you are out sick before  break-college deducts sick leave during break.  Volunteers see President Edelbach.

10.  AFT Scholarship Committee.  Volunteers sought for committee.  Other state college unions award  scholarships to union members children.

11.  Phased Retirement Program.    Volunteers sought for committee.  If we have members who would want such a program, we need volunteers to develop a proposal to present to the College.  Ramapo College has such a program.

12.  Retiree’s Chapter.  Being formed by Brenda and Paul Cohen.  First meeting June 23, 2004, 12-2PM AR154. All retirees invited to attend.

13.  Cope Program.   Important to elections and influencing legislation,

14.  AFT Email List Serves.  AFT information will be distributed to full-time and part-time faculty via the  “faculty  discussions-l” list and to adjunct faculty via the “afaft-l”  list.  Approximately 60 FT faculty have removed their name from the “facultydiscussions-l” list while some adjunct faculty have signed onto the “afaft-l”list.  For further information go

Old Business

15.  Tuition Remission Program.  Talks to be restarted this summer.  Volunteers needed for committee. We will make all previous information available for review.

16.  Professional Staff.  Committee being formed to address evaluation process, performance based  promotions and “no-limit” work issues

17.  Curriculum Transformation.  President Edelbach updated everyone on the in-progress MOA discussions with Provost Briggs. Nothing has been agreed-to yet.  Discussion of  # 4- Adjunct Faculty Compensation.  Some receive the minimum of $ 750/credit while others receive as much as $ 1000.
Adjunct Faculty Workload.  Adjunct Faculty now teach 6 or less but not more than 9 credits. 
#9-Extra Scheduled Conference Hour  -  Needs to be as clear as possible to protect faculty.
Terms and conditions of employment need to be as clear as possible.
Objective is to reach an agreement on as many of the aspect of this issue by the end of June if possible. Faculty will ratify the tentative agreement before it is signed.

      New Business

18.  Election of 5 Delegates from Local 2364 to AFT National Convention. 
Washington, DC  July 13-18,2004. 
President of Local 2364 is automatically a delegate per our constitution.
Elected delegates must be a member of the Local. 
Nominations received from the floor :

Roseann Conway
John Krimmel
Glen Goldberg
Jose Valentin
Maureen Gorman

Maureen Gorman moved to cast a unanimous ballot for these 5 individuals. Motion seconded by Janet Morrison.  Motion unanimously approved.

Meeting adjourned at l:55PM