TCNJFT - Local 2364

Draft Minutes - General Membership Meeting - February 18, 2009

The meeting was called to order at by AFT President Edelbach at 3:05 pm

  1. President’s Report -   Review and approve of minutes.  Motion to approve minutes of October 15, 2008 by Terry Epperson. Seconded by John Pollack.  Motion approved
  2. Membership Report -  John Krimmel

John Krimmel reported that he and Todd McCrary looking into Professional Staff luncheon.  Investigating “social” get together.  A social on-line survey was sent to the membership.  We will be using Don Cunning to assist in recruitment.  Adjunct Faculty membership is above 50%.

  1. Treasurer’s Report - Terrence Bennett
    Local is moving CD’s in compliance with new FDIC rules (agenda p. 5 Income statement). Local has been absorbing council and national dues increase for a number of years. Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report Al Quinton .  Seconded by John Krimmel. Motion approved.  
  2. Grievance Report – John Krimmel
    has negative outlook on older faculty.  School of Business has “no limits” on class size.  Does not adhere to policies in other schools.
  3. Library Report - Terry Epperson – Current AFT contract states librarians should have Range Adjustment program the same as faculty.  Our proposal on this issue is awaiting the Provost’s review.
  4. Professional Staff – Small luncheons for recruiting planned.

7.        Old Business –

A.  SHBP Dependent Benefits Audit- Update February 20, 2009 date on hold.  In the next few weeks a new deadline for submission will be announced.  This is a case study in how not to do something.  See p. 13 agenda. 

B.  State Fiscal Dilemma - President Gittenstein thought budget would be the same as 2006 but at this point it might be lower

C.  Council XB Meeting on Friday with David Beckett and State treasurer to discuss wage freeze and increments.  State’s intention is to have this happen in fiscal year ’09.  Representative from AFT National office will be attend meeting.  We are the last group to meet with state (see pg. 10 agenda for proposed resolution).  William Patterson resolution on this matter discussed but decided to take not action at this time.

Discussion of possible layoffs and who might be affected Wage freezes and furloughs reviewed but a lot of unanswered questions. Career Development is a budgeted item for college.  Proposed resolution discussed.  After Friday’s meeting will have more information.

D.  Election of Officers- Current officers willing to run again but all AFT members are encouraged to consider running for an office

8.       New Business - 

A.  Very Successful Election in FallNew agenda in Washington.

B. Pending Issues- Letter to Provost Bresnahan.  See agenda p. 14-16.  No response yet from College on our proposals on TTR and other issues. Rowan, Kean, Stockton, Jersey City have negotiated “mandated” items in current contact: NL for Professional Staff, Range Adjustment for Librarians (MOA 62- item 12) Transition to Retirement, option: Anyone interested in exploring retirement options are encouraged to make a proposal to the College

C.  Local 2364 Scholarship- updates Four undergraduate recipients identified.  One Graduate slop still open.  March 1, 2009 application deadline.

D.  CHOP- back “in network” - Discussions continue with other Philadelphia hospitals.

E.  Spring 2009 schedule - No Saturday classes or finals scheduled as of now.

F.  Enhanced Summer Program - Enhancing revenue to college of interest.  Higher pay for faculty possible.

G. “End of Year” luncheon - scheduled for Wednesday, May 6, 2009 from 12:00 to 2:00 pm in Brower Student Center 202.


Meeting adjourned 4:12 pm.

Submitted by Secretary Roseann Conway