Local 2364 Membership Meeting

Wednesday – February 2, 2005     3:30 to 4:50 PM
President Ralph Edelbach, Presiding
Approximately 40 attendees

1.      Approval of Minutes.   October 6, 2004 minutes approved.

2.      President’s Report:   Incorporated in other items

3.      Membership Report - We need to encourage all colleagues who have not joined as yet to sign a membership card.

4.          Treasurer’s Report:  See attached account balance statements.

5.          Professional Staff report:   No report

6.          Adjunct Faculty Report:   President Edelbach waiting for list from Provost re: courses  that will never be transformed.
State of NJ –OER- giving college hard time re: negotiating more money for courses.  Provost will not pay higher amount for those courses not transformed.

7.          Librarian’s Report:   No report.

 Old Business

8.      Tuition Remission Program

a.       President Edelbach reported on 1/20/05 meeting with Provost Briggs and V. Fernandez.

      Memo to Provost indicating issues discussed at meeting and who was going to do what.

b.      Provost does not see need for SFF information to be private See MOA 38,VI.6 lines 83-89.

c.       Last Thursday’s meeting with TRP negotiations committee and Membership Reps. Was reviewed. General consensus that SFF info can be used on campus but should not be made available under the Freedom of Information Act.

d.      What is worst case scenario if this is made public? What is the benefit of doing this?

e.       What information is to be included? Will just numerical data or also student comments included? 

f.        Local doesn't feel the evaluations should accumulate in one’s personnel file.

g.       What might happen if a faculty member doesn’t follow the process?

h.       Review of current SFF – This will take place over the next academic year
We believe this should be a faculty driven process. Timetable to be established.

j.        All eligible children currently attending TCNJ should be included in this TRP
Provost estimates about 40 total dependents from all employee groups would fall into this category. Not certain who many would be eligible for AFT TRP ( not on academic probation )  The Local definitely wants TRP to be retroactive to Fall 2004 semester.
To be part of the program you must be a student in good academic standing.
Tuition is currently approximately $6000/year .. 
Provost expressed view that the college should be able to afford the expense of this program but he will discuss this with President Gitenstein and get back to us.

k.      Motion - To restrict the SFF information to campus use only and solely for the purpose of
      program and instructional improvement and include the provision that SFF information
      be excluded from the Freedom of Information act.
Discussion –The TRP team should continue to negotiate with Provost. 
       A “tentative agreement” will be submitted to the membership for ratification.
       This needs to be done soon. Too much time has elapsed since this began.
Vote: Unanimously approved.

l.         Motion: To have all current dependent TCNJ students included in TRP and
      have the program be retroactive to fall 2004 semester. 
Discussion: – Costs to the College will be reasonable and worthwhile. Any
      student on academic probation will be excluded from the program
Vote:  Motion approved with 2 abstentions

New Business

1.   Election of Local’s Office  -  Art Chilakos will has volunteered to chair the election committee
                Projected election timetable -

Notification letter -      March 17,2005

Return of petitions -    April 1, 2005

Ballots mailed -          April 15, 2005

Ballots returned –       April 29, 2005

Ballots counted -        May 2, 2005

2.    New  Monthly  Time Report
One day equals 7 hours
Ralph is getting more information from HR about this issue which will
               be distributed ASAP.

 Remember:  Luncheon & General Membership Meeting
Wednesday, May 4, 2005- 12:30, AR 136

Meeting adjourned at 4:45 PM    Submitted by Roseann Conway, Secretary