Local 2364 Membership Meeting -  Wednesday - October 2, 2002

  1. Approval of minutes of May 1, 2001 meeting
  2. Membership Report
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. Grievance Report
  5. Welcome and Retirement Dinner – Nov. 8, 5:30 PM, Merlino’s Riverfront
  6. Career Development Committee election – 4 elected positions ( 3 faculty and 1 PS )
    Nominations were due in today – hopefully there will be 4 folks willing to serve
  7. Fall Mid-term Elections –
    NJ Senate Race - Forrester versus Lautenberg
    Torricelli’s withdrawal Possible resignation? E-mail your views to:
    14th Congressional District - Rush Holt Campaign -
    Endorsed by Council and AFT
    Signs. and literature available here and in AFT office
    Volunteers to work for on re-election campaign
  8. Domestic Partner Benefits proposal – acceptance by College
    DP Committee deserves credit for developing proposal
  9. Negotiations
    Developing demands – input from Local
    Demands meetings – 3 establish at state level
    Survey of unit in November
    Development of final demands
    Demands presented to State in early February
    Negotiations from February until agreement reached
  10. Transformative Curriculum Change and Faculty Work
    Review of "alternate assignment time" ( released time )
    Defining "intensified, more rigorous" courses
    MOA covering changes to "normal" teaching load
  1. Tuition Remission for Dependents Program -
    Review of proposal and progress to date
    Discussion of options
    Formation of ad hoc committee:
    Develop survey instrument
    Conduct survey
    Analyze results
  2. Other items