Major Topics from the General Membership Meeting of Local 2364
Oct 1, 2003

Recommendations made during meeting

1.  Develop and publish position paper related to extra work required to teach an "enhanced" course as compared
            to a conventional one.
    Anyone willing to work on drafting this document send an email to indicating your interest.

2.  Form a subcommittee which will review union-related issues connected with the "curriculum transformation" process.
        Items could include:

        A.  FWH load for "enhanced" courses associated with a course compared with student credits awarded.

        B.  Form and use of the "plan for flexible 6 hours" that the Provost wants faculty to submit annually.

        C.  How the "expectations in the areas of scholarship, service, and advising/mentoring" mentioned in the Provost's Sep 10, 2003 open letter will be developed by each "academic unit" and submitted to its Dean by November 15. This submission will include both "expectations and a suitable process" according to the Provost. The proposed set of faculty expectations "must be aligned with the standards set forth in The College's reappointment and promotion document" the Provost goes on to state.

        D.  Review and response to union-related issues raised in Deans' Response to CFA and CAP reports ( Sep 15, 2003 )

    Where appropriate, we will develop demands related to the curriculum transformation which will be presented to the Administration and negotiated with them.
    Anyone interested in working on this subcommittee should send an email to  indicating the willingness to serve.