Daft Minutes - General Membership Meeting
Wednesday, October 2, 2002

The meeting was called to order at. by AFT President Edelbach at 3:35pm.
Approximately 38 people were in attendance.

1.   Minutes of May 1, 2002-  Motion to accept and seconded.  Unanimous approval.

2.   Membership Report -   Twenty-six new faculty hired for Fall 2002.  They will be contacted regarding membership.  Adjunct faculty who have been at college for two semesters will be contacted.

3.   Treasurer’s Report-  See back of 10/02/02 agenda for details. Discussion concerning account balances followed and a decision was made to form an ad hoc committee to explore various options.

4.   Grievance Report- T. Evangelisto reported none at present.  Are people aware that there is such a service from the AFT?  Seem to have fewer problems on our campus.  Are people afraid?

5.   Welcome and Retirement Dinner – November 8, 2002, 5:30 pm at Merlino’s Riverfront.

6.   Career Development Committee Election- Four elected committee positions (three faculty and 1 PS)  Nominations due today 10/02/02.

7.  Fall Elections -  NJ Senate Race-Forrester versus Lautenberg after Torricelli’s withdrawal.  Possible resignation?  Email your views to:  senatortorricelli@torricelli,senate.gov. 

      14th Congressional District- Rush Holt campaign.  Endorsed by Council and AFT.  Motion by T. Evangelisto for Local 2364 to endorse Rush Holt who has been a friend to higher ed.  Seconded.  Discussion: Rep. Holt was responsible for $2M grant to TCNJ for teacher ed.  Seeks experts in fields to provide him with information to make an intelligent vote in the House. 
Vote to motion  18 yes, 7 no, 10 abstentions.

8.   Domestic Benefits Proposal – AFT’s proposal accepted by college.  Few implementation details to be worked out. Hopefully in the next few weeks. DP committee headed by Ed Sarafino put in a lot of work and should be recognized for their accomplishments.

9.   Negotiations -  Progress continues to be made in developing our contract demands at the Council leve. Each Local is providing input to this process. Our demands will be presented to the State in early February Negotiations from early February until agreement is reached. 
Discussion:  Tuition remission is always one of the first items to be dropped from list.  TR is a perk to employees to show you like them.  Faculty Evaluation should not be tied to this. Faculty review is a governance process and should not be tied to TR.  “Tying of these two items is from S. Briggs and B. Drake.  Should be a perk from college.

10.  Faculty Work and Transformative Curriculum Change -  There will be review of released time (Alternate Assignment Time) at some point according to statements from the Provost.  Students in larger numbers going to Counseling Center.  Q & A from Dean’s attempting to clarify this topic.  MOA that will apply to this new plan.  What are “three normal courses?” What happens down the road if administration wants four courses not three courses for each faculty?  Need MOA.  S. Briggs understand this.  Council will have legal folks look this over before we agree to anything

      Questions:  What constitutes three “intensified” courses?  How does this impact adjunct faculty? Is it expected that the AFT will participate in checking that faculty teach more intensive courses. 

“People in my department can’t make courses more intensive without failing many students”.  “The public will see this as a 25% reduction of faculty”.  “What does this really mean?  “Three courses and research?”  “What is expected of me?”  “Part of normal workload will be research”  “Research or service?”  “Will a fourth course be slipped in?”  “Is there a timeline for transition?”  “Will we make a three credit course into a four credit in order to intensify them?  “Some people uneasy that the time line for completion is too compressed.” “Will each “new” course be either four or three credits?”  “No more credits – courses.”

      AFT will protect the rights of members as spelled-out in our contract.  Managerial prerogative gives administration a lot of options in areas such as curriculum, class size, course teaching assignment, etc.

11.  Tuition Remission -  Last contract State would not agree to one system statewide.  Each local could discuss this and other matters. Administration states “if you want that then we want this” Have dug in heels, not moving.  R. Edelbach has five possible options.  AFT is asking for volunteers to work on committee.

      Discussion included statements that the administration shouldn’t be linking TRP and student feedback form utilization as well as advantages of having a TRP. How should SFF be used in 5-year review of tenured faculty? We’ll review programs at other institutions in state before developing a new proposal.  “Did they give up anything?”  “Would like to see TR prorated for adjunct faculty.” R. Edelbach requesting people to sign up for this committee.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:45pm.