TCNJ – Local 2364 General Membership Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, May 7, 2003  12:35, Armstrong Hall 136 

The meeting was called to order by President Ralph Edelbach at 12:35 PM.  The room was filled to capacity and additional tables and chairs had to be brought in to seat everyone.  President Edelbach publicly thanked Helen Tilli for making arrangement for the outstanding luncheon..

Review and Approval of Minutes – April 7, 2003. Motion to approve made by Tony Evangelisto, seconded by Al Quinton.  Approved unanimously

President’s Report:  President Edelbach acknowledged that a great deal of passion has been present in many exchanges concerned with the issue of faculty work and the AFT’s Faculty Work survey on e-mail and expressed hope and belief that today’s meeting would be reasoned and calm. He acknowledged the presence of professional staff, full time and part time faculty, and adjunct faculty. 

Local 2364 Election of Officers – Results:  Ralph Edelbach, President, John Krimmel, Vice-President/Grievance Office, Jose Valentin, Treasurer/Professional Staff Liaison, Roseann Conway, Secretary, Glen Goldberg, Adjunct Faculty Representative

President Edelbach clarified that the administration must consult with the union regarding contractual matters as stated in our contract i.e. Some concern over  alternate assignment time, AAT, for next year. Awarding of AAT is a “managerial prerogative” and not subject to negotiation. Faculty have the right to say refuse such an assignment..

Membership Report – John Krimmel reported latest data .  See page 2 of May 7, 2003 agenda. We need to work to sign up non-members. The more unit members who sign AFT cards, the greater our strength at the bargaining table.

Treasurer’s Report –  Motion made and seconded to the accept Treasurer’s Report  Approved unanimously. Reserves might be necessary for a strike fund if we are forced to take that drastic action.

Grievance Report- Tony Evangelisto reported there were no pending grievances.

Adjunct Faculty Report- Glen Goldberg reported that there is more participation by adjunct faculty.


Old Business

Professional Staff -   Professional Staff reviewed every year.  Process has been revised.  However last fall changed by administration unilaterally.  President Edelbach  called Bob Drake and process changed back to previous process.

Energy Days – College says $11,000/day saved if they shut down 8 days during summer and over winter break. Suggested professional staff could take unpaid leave/furlough.  Rejected by CWA  If the unions do not accept then the college says it will impose it.  Cannot do this must be negotiated.  College is looking at options.

Tuition Remission – 20 responses from survey.  Administration says every academic program is filled and a TR program this would bump out tuition-paying students.   Do not think we will get anything by fall.

Contract Negotiations – Demands to be posted on web site.  Negotiations will continue over the summer.  May require a strike vote or informational picketing.

 Curriculum Transformation – See page 8 of May 7, 2003 agenda. 
Local’s XB met with provost.   Discussion:  Many institutions require researchers bring in money to pay their salaries.  Concern over 6/24.  President Edelbach responded that before any major transformation takes place we will negotiate an agreement to insure that faculty rights are protected and that the administration cannot unilaterally revert to the standard 12 SH teaching load. Council attorneys will assist in drafting a MOA and we will negotiate that with the administration. Any tentative agreement will be submitted to the membership of the bargaining unit for ratification before formally adoption..

Concern expressed by adjunct faculty and full-time faculty who teach overload about being asked to teach “enhanced” courses for the same pay as current, regular classes. Enhanced courses more intense and more work for faculty yet they still carry 3 FWH load. Local is preparing a proposal dealing with increased pay for each FWH to teach enhanced courses by either full-time, overload faculty or adjunct faculty.  CFA final draft document on faculty work to be released this week.   Dan Crofts reported the Faculty Senate does not favor a referendum on transformed curriculum.

C.Zetterberg moved that AFT adopt resolution supporting 4 FWH for enhanced courses.   Motion seconded.   Discussion: M.Gorman  reported that CFA took recommendations and made changes.  M.Gorman moved to table the motion on the floor.               Vote:  19 yes      7 No.  Motion tabled

New Business – None

Meeting adjourned at 2:25 PM.

Respectfully  Submitted,  Roseann A. Conway , Secretary AFT Local 2364