TCNJFT - Local 2364
Minutes - General Membership Meeting -May 1, 2002

The meeting was called to order at. By AFT President Edelbach at 3:30pm

Approval of General Membership Meeting, March 3, 2002

1. Membership Report – Discussion: New staff thinks union membership is automatic upon appointment. Do not understand distinction between unit member and union member. President Edelbach will develop and circulate "Why I Should Join" pamphlet with recruitment information. Everybody benefits from contract. Need to list these benefits – Primary benefit is having a voice.

2. New Business:

a) Professional Staff "Performance Evaluation" process survey. Vice President Evangelisto presented results of survey. Professional Staff member has to self assessed with rating of 1,2,3 (excellent).

Discussion: Salary increase depends on this assessment at a meeting held several months ago. Members told they could not give themselves a "3". AFT Council said we need date – this survey. Results – N=45.

Sent to Council and advised "Cannot tell employees "No 3’5". Some supervisors are violating the contractual results. "We ought to evaluate all the people in Green Hall – and not give 3’5." "Same as the administration saying to faculty – do not give A’s.

President Edelbach advised, "This is something that needs to be addressed. The Professional Staff needs the support of faculty.

b) Early Retirement Incentive – 60% salary over 2 years. Steve Briggs lobbying the governor to increase to 100%.

c) Election of Local’s delegates to AFT national convention. Local president is automatically a delegate per constitution. Local 2364 entitled to send a total of six delegates.

Nominations from the floor: Tony Evangelisto, Roseann Conway, Carol Evangelisto, Joe Flynn and Carol Zetterberg. Nominations Closed. Motion to cast unanimous ballot. Motion carried.

Paul Cohen received information re: petition from academics in England to academics in USA requesting academics to boycott Israel. One hundred English academics have signed document to boycott Israel. Paul Cohen requesting faculty TCNJ to write letters in opposition. www.7HYJI.AC.IL/EUROISRAE2002. Motion to adopt. 1 opposed Motion carried. Re: will write letter for TCNJFT. No more meetings this year. See you in the fall.

3. Old Business

1) Faculty and Student Work- Mathematics and Statistics Department survey discussion: Gives people opportunity to express opinions – up to now only small number of people heard. About 100 people to date have responded took a long time to go out on campus email.

2) Fourth Hour Proposal - Discussion: Every required 3 hr. class could have a 4th hr. President Edelbach will run through AFT legal dept. "Something this is voluntary this year will be required next year". Implementation of new curriculum. Steve Briggs believes implementation date will be fall 2004.

3) General Education: Discussion: Staffing. Degree of commitment to new curriculum. Each department needs to respond with support for teaching new courses. "To be covered by Full Time Faculty. Steve Briggs may have an all campus meeting after graduation. All courses to be 3 credit courses – 4th hour are voluntary – not for faculty only students. What happens to people already on 3/3? SOSA will change. Each course will have 3 segments. Need a clear idea of plan. To a state of evolution now. People need to know what they ware burring into. "Will there be summer surprise Board of Trustees meeting and everything in place when we come back? Each department will have to change graduation requirements.

4) Tuition Remission Update: President Edelbach met with Steve Briggs last week. S. Briggs to put together agreed upon concepts.

1) Next Middle States visit is Fall 2005

2) New Middle States standards 2002. Assessment o student learning. Middle States interested in outcomes assessment. Part of this is student evaluation. Can we do it? President Edelbach proposal Senate appointed committee and union appointment committee. Administration can say this must be done. Unless we modify what is going on- if we could approve in print student evaluations. Middle States starts with mission of college and looks at outcomes. Does not tell you how to do it. One piece is student feedback. Why is tuition linked to student evaluations? Don’t like this way of doing business. They are doing everything they can use power prerogatives. Need to make sure we keep issue open? This is something in college’s best interest. "Why not link tuition remission to his contract?" "Would like to link performance review with tuition remission." Want us to concede something before they come up with something. Accrediting body requires that we share student feedback. Concerned about implications of making changes which do we respond to? Trying tuition remission and student evaluations should not be joined together. It is perverted! Tuition remission will be applied selectively. Will children of faculty be admitted? Admission procedure may get very complicated. Will not guarantee admission – will compete with others.

People applying for 5-year review do not have to submit student evaluations. Student evaluations can be viewed as a product or client.

"The client has to be served, has to be pleased. Idea creeping up from H. S." Union represents faculty and professional staff. "Professional staff do not want it on table. Need a survey. What would you be willing to exchange for tuition remission? "Assessment can be a plus or punishment" President Edelbach reaffirmed "We are not going to obligate without member agreement.

State and TCNJ Budget Update: $3M shortfall in fiscal ’03. Will keep positions unfilled, i.e. Al Bridges position to remain open.

Tuition increased 12%. Could have been 20%. State will not give money. TCNJ will make it.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:55 pm.