Local 2364 Membership Meeting Minutes  
                Wednesday - October 1, 2003  3:30 PM, Forcina Hall 132

1.       Called to order by President Edelbach at 3:35 pm

2.       Approval of minutes – May 7, 2003 – Moved by M. Winston, seconded by D. Letcher,
unanimously approved

3.       Membership Report –    given

4.       Treasurer’s Report –  Bank statement reviewed. Acceptance moved by D. Letcher, seconded by
Linc Konkle and approved unanimously.

5.       Grievance Report – John Krimmel – One PS grievance related to changed annual evaluation being processed

6.       Adjunct Faculty Report-  Glen Goldberg reported adjunct faculty teaching new writing course, WRI 101 to be surveyed at the end of this semester to determine the amount of work involved teaching this transformed course.  Based on results from survey, we will prepare new demands for increase compensation if warranted.
Provost Briggs rejected our proposal for increased compensation per credit and offered a one-time $250 stipend for developing a course syllabus.
Compensation increase could be appropriate for transformed courses taught during summer session for both full-time and adjunct faculty.  How will adjunct faculty be compensated for summer courses ? Three or four credits?

7.   Old Business

A.  Tentative Agreement -

Negotiations timetable - purposely began in the spring, later than previous years.

President Edelbach thanked the TCNJ negotiating team for their hard work and the time they spent representing our bargaining unit. Team members were Rose Ann Conway, Glen Goldberg, Maureen Gorman, John Krimmel, Jose Valentin, and Ralph Edelbach.

Both Montclair State University and William Paterson University are unhappy with negotiations and the tentative agreement. MSU withdrew from negotiations and both of those locals are recommending that their bargaining unit vote against the contract. Each had specific issues they wanted and felt the Council did not do everything to have them included in the final agreement.

They also objected to the letter from Council president Nick Yovnello included with the ballot. In order to avoid any problems with the election, Council decided to have the American Arbitration Association conduct the balloting.  This cost approximately $16,000.

President Edelbach urged membership to vote “yes”.

Question about language in the item related to the new 12th step which goes into effect on July 1, 2006   The phrase “If warranted”  has always been associated with annual steps. Table talk” makes it clear that the State does not intend to do anything different with the 12th step than what has been done in the past.

Safe to assume State will not fund salary increases. They haven’t fully-funded them for many years and it is not likely they will any time in the near future. College will have to find money for the increases of all bargaining units.

Career Development Program – Funding has been increased from $300,000 to $350,000. TCNJ has been required to fund the entire amount of approximately $  27,000 per year for this progam.

B.  Curriculum Transformation and Faculty Work

“Comparing Faculty Work…..” memo from Provost Briggs, 9/30/03, circulated and discussed. Many had not seem this before. It was not publicized well.

Discussion -

Many School of Education chairs against provisions of the Provost’s proposal

The Transformed Curriculum was supposed to free up time for scholarship, service, and mentoring. This appears to be problematic given the Provost’s latest memo

Faculty got behind original idea of curriculum transformation but the Provost’s proposal for annual reports is insulting

General agreement that we don’t need more material to prepare and submit to the administration.

Some reporting would provide the President with information about what faculty are doing which would be useful for PR purposes.

Administration has stated that at no time will a faculty member be assigned an extra course to teach without compensation

Administration should recognize that the new transformed courses are worth 4 FWH each since students will be and presently are getting 4 SH for taking them. Since new courses will be meeting for the same number of hours each semester, changing them to 4 FWH could cause accreditation problems. Administration has not been willing to do this previously.

Administration must recognize that transformed courses will require faculty to put in more time than present, normal ones. There will not be “6 flexible hours” for which we will be accountable as stated in the Provost’s Sep 30 memo. Administration has stated that transformed courses will not require any more work of faculty, just of students. Appears illogical!

Recently issued Dean’s reports on the CAP and CFA reports raise many questions and make proposals which are counter to previously stated positions. Very confusing

President Edelbach raised issue of the possible value of a joint Faculty Senate / Local 2364 meeting open to all faculty when Provost Briggs would be invited to participate in a thorough discussion and clarification of issues related to curriculum transformation

Much frustration from many attendees about apparent confusion over curriculum transformation as the implementation date draws ever closer. Recent administration documents raise more questions than they answer. Need clarification quickly from an authoritative source.

The view was expressed by a number of individuals that transforming our curriculum will, in general, benefit students by allowing them to have more in-depth and intensive learning and it will also benefit faculty because we will be teaching less and have more time for research which is required for tenure and promotion. It also was noted that there are of course issues of faculty work that need to be worked out before the curriculum transformation  can be fully implemented.  

President Edelbach reported the Local is drafting an agreement which will be presented to the Administration. It will insure that if curriculum transformation takes place, all faculty will teach a maximum of three normal ( equivalent to the current 3 SH courses) per semester. The Provost has verbally agreed that this will be the case and indicated his willingness to sign such an agreement with the Local. All faculty will have the opportunity to discuss and vote on this agreement before it is signed.

Motion:  Local 2364 will form a committee to develop a list of issues related to curriculum transformation to be either discussed or negotiated, as appropriate, with the Administration. Volunteers for this committee will be solicited from the membership.  Motion unanimously passed.

8.  New Business – no items raised or considered

Next general membership meeting – Wed, Nov 5, 2003, AR 136, 3:30 pm

Meeting adjourned at 5:10PM   Respectfully Submitted,  Rose4ann Conway, Secretary TCNJFT, Local 2364, AFT