General Membership Meeting - April 7, 2004
TCNJFT – Local 2364 (AFT)

Meeting called to order at 3:37 by President Ralph Edelbach. AR 136

Attendance sheet was circulated. Approximately 21 people attended

1)      Approval of minutes from November 5, 2003 meeting. Moved by Art Hohmuth, Seconded by Glen Goldberg.  Approved unanimously

2)      President’s report –  none

3)      Membership report –
Mark Heter was hired as part-time recruiter. He increased adjunct membership to 41%. 
     We are moving in the right direction   -  see p. 2
We need to consider how to increase membership and why new folks don't join. There are 29 tenure track faculty searches going on now.

4)      Treasurer’s report –  see page 2.  -  80% of dues go out to various sources.

5)      Grievance report - no report

6)      Professional Staff report -
a.  Professional evaluations still an issue - committee studying this issue
b.  Professional Staff Promotions -  process needs to be reviewed:
c.  Energy Savings Days – Comp. days – college wants to close & force PS
             Staff to take off 12/23. Being reviewed with HR
d.  “No-limit workload – need committee to develop MOA dealing with this issue

7)      Librarian report –  Maureen Gorman no report.

8)      Adjunct report - no report

Information Items -

9)        Sick leave deductions – study committee being formed – Volunteers ?
Example:  if you are out before break – College count break as sick time.  Some people want to develop proposal for sick time.  Ralph Edelbach to send something out looking for volunteers to work on proposal.

10)    AFT Scholarship – study committee being formed - Volunteers ?
AFT asked for $1000 donation to EOF annual dinner.  Other campuses have scholarships set up. – I.e. scholarship could go to TCNJ student whose family is union.  Our treasury could afford to develop this program.  By law our treasurer’s report is mailed to non-union members.  Is this money over what we should have?  Maureen Gorman – our reserve is no where near other state locals.  Ralph Edelbach to poll members via email – to look at an option reference to scholarship/other ideas.

11)    Retirees Chapter – Brenda & Paul Cohen see pg. 5
Brenda and Paul Cohen proposed Retirees Chapter to membership.  Rowan University – model.  Purpose to be a watchdog for retiree benefits put out newsletter – not interested in competing with TCNJ Retiree’s Group.  Rowan University has a $300 - $400 scholarship – activities – monthly luncheons, campus trees, elections, and continued activity for retired faculty/Professional Staff i.3. As retiree you are entitled to take 1 free course/semester of where in state wants to est. chapter under aegis of AFT all member benefit continue into retirement.  What is process?  By-laws approved by local – then Council, state and then national.  Motion to continue working on this program Carol Zetterberg approved and Art Hohmuth seconded - approved

12)    COPE Program -Mechanism whereby AFT supports political candidates. We need to increase number of unit members donating if we want to have political clout. Campaign to build participation will begin in fall. .

Old business –

13. Tuition Remission Program -Talks to began over the summer. Volunteers? 

14. Curriculum Transformation - see pg. 7 – draft MOA sent to Steve Briggs.  Pg. 9 & 10 –College is preparing a response.  The current one has some AFT and College language

a.  Local 2364’s original MOA
b.  Current MOA being discussed
c.  Load for coordinators and chairs being considered by special committee
d.  Load for special courses:  science courses as well as others
e.  We need to agree& complete ratification ASAP|
f.  More info at next membership meeting

Next meeting with Steve Brigs will be held next Wednesday. 

15.    Phased Retirement Program -
Ramapo SC has negotiated a phased retirement plan –info posted on web page.
We need volunteers to work on this if there is interest.

New business - none

Meeting adjourned at 4:55 pm.  Motion to adjourn Joe Flynn

Next GM Luncheon Meeting - Wednesday, May 5, 12:30 - AR 136

Submitted by:  Roseann Conway, Secretary, TCNJFT, Local 2364