Grievance Information    ( last modified 6/26/2008 2:04 PM )  

Grievances are filed by either a member or members of the AFT bargaining unit on a campus or by the Union when it is believed that a contractual violation has occurred. There are similar grievance procedures in both the Full-time/Part-time contract in Article VII (pages 14 to 19) and the Adjunct Faculty contract in Article VI (pages 8 to 12).

It is usually possible and desirable to attempt an informal resolution of an issue before moving to the formal grievance process BUT, it is VERY  IMPORTANT to realize that there are TIME LIMITS which determine the number of days which may pass before a formal grievance is filed with the College. If those limits are exceeded the College can and usually does REJECT the grievance on the grounds of "timeliness."

All grievances must include the following information:

   1. Nature of the violation

   2. Date violation took place

   3. Specific section of the contract violated

   4. Name of the AFT member or members aggrieved

   5. Remedy sought

It is best to contact the Local at X 2783 or if you believe filing a grievance is appropriate.  However AFT unit members may file grievance on their own without informing the Local. The Local and Council have considerable experience with various types of grievances as well as the legal standing to render assistance in the resolution of the grievance.

The College is obligated by the contract to inform the Local when a grievance is filed by an individual and the Local may choose to attend any grievance hearing if they feel it is the best interests of the general membership to do so.

Because filing a grievance initiates a legal process, the various phases are spelled-out in detail, it is important that everything be done exactly as proscribed in the particular contract. Again, you should take advance of experience of the Local and Council in filing and handling grievances.

Grievances are not the only way to resolve problems but it should be used if other less complicated alternatives are not effective. KEEP IN MIND THE TIME LIMITS FOR FILING A GRIEVANCE. The normal time limit of forty-five (45) calendar days from the date of the alleged violation in which to file a grievance can be extended by mutual agreement but that needs to be formally done by both the College and Union.

Claims of violations of any promotions or reappointment process MUST be reported to the college President within twenty-one (21) days of the alleged violation. This is done by what is referred to as the "21-Day Letter."