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Contract Language -

Article XVII.C - Librarians
      There shall be a Range Adjustment Program at each College/University
where full-time librarians are employed. Full-time librarians who meet or exceed
the merit-based criteria established for the range adjustments are eligible to be
considered for and may apply for a range adjustment within rank. The meritbased
criteria will be established by the College/University and published for the
understanding of the affected employees.
     The procedures for consideration will be negotiated between the College/University
and the Local Union. The procedures for consideration utilized in the College/University
shall be fairly and equitably applied to all applicants and nominees

Assessment Committee Information - Master Agreement - Appendix II    ( p 100 to 108 )

Local  Agreements -       Faculty -  MOA 51        Librarians -  MOA 84
                                         FRAP Time Line             LRAP Time Line

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