New Contract Info

1.  Pay Memo From Steve Young, Council Office - Oct 1, 2007

Many are asking when the retro active pay will actually be paid for the new contract. While the pay is retroactive to July1, 2007 for 12 month employees & Sept for 10 month employees (some summer session pay is also retroactive), it will take a few weeks for this to kick in due to the following factors:

OER must 1st get the NJ Dept. of Personnel to approve my calculations for annual & bi-weekly salaries which are also on our website. OER has had the calculations since Sept. 18 so hopefully DOP will get an answer back to them soon.

OER will then notify the campus HR/Payroll departments of the new rates.

Payroll must then calculate the amount of retroactive pay due and also subtract the 1.5% health benefit deduction as a part of the total mix.

Payroll must also refund the premium payments people in the Traditional Plan & HMOs have made since July 1 and then calculate the 1.5% deduction for the same period.

Hopefully, HR/payroll depts have been gearing up for this in anticipation of getting the new rates soon.

Other than the above information, there is no definite date for each campus to actually implement the new increases.

2.  Signed FT/PT Tentative Agreements

3.  Frequently Asked Questions about the new contract

4.  New Bi-weekly salary tables

5.  Comparison between previous and new health benefit program