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Adjunct Faculty Representative  -  Michael NordquistBonner Center, 331
         Email:       Mobile:  609-806-0073

Adjunct Faculty Q & A -

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Membership Information  ( Sep 2009 )
Welcome Letter ( Fall 2011 )
Non-member Recruitment Letter ( Feb 2010  )

2011 to 2015 Adjunct Faculty Agreement

TCNJ AF Pay Table - ( 2011 to 2015 )

Adjunct Faculty On-line Handbook - Aug 2009

Council's Adjunct Faculty Web Page


Pension Eligibility for Adjunct Faculty - Information  ( PDF - Oct 28, 2008 )

4th / Conference Hour Memo  ( Item 11, MOA 62 , Jan. 18, 2007 )

Adjunct Faculty Brochure - "A Record of Accomplishment" -

Adjunct Faculty Q & A    -     MSWord File    PDF File   ( Feb 2. 2006 )

Adjunct Faculty Compensation  - ( Fall, 2007 to 2011 )

Adjunct Faculty Survey   ( Sep 20, 2004 )  MSWord file

Adjunct Faculty E-mail List - Let us know at  if you are not receiving emails on the  All adjunct faculty, members and "agency fee" payers, are in the AFT bargaining unit and covered by the AFT Adjunct Faculty contract.  If you sign a "dues authorization" card and return it, you become an AFT member and will be automatically ubscribed to the  email list. .

Adjunct Faculty Excluded from AFT Bargaining Unit - 

AFT's Limited Supplemental Medical Plan for Adjunct Faculty -

Health Benefits for Part-Time Employees Information - ( adjunct faculty included )
Implementation of Chapter 172, P.L. 2003 Health Benefits for Part-Time Employees

Membership Information
       Membership Card
       Eligibility for Membership in AFT Bargaining Unit
       Union Dues and "Agency Representation Fee"

PERS - NJ Public Employees Retirement System - After teaching for two consecutive semesters, adjunct faculty are enrolled in NJ's PERS with 5 % being withheld from the employees' pay and an 8 % contribution from the State. 

Pending Issues - 

Distinguished Adjunct Faculty  - The compensation table of MOA 62, page 7, includes the "Distinguished Adjunct Faculty" category. When MOA 62 was developed, the College accepted the Union's proposal to have an increased pay level for long-time adjunct faculty. Although the details of that category were not developed at that time, it was agreed to do that as soon as possible. If you are interested in working on this issue, please contact us at  or X 2783.

Tuition Waivers  - Presently, the adjunct faculty agreement does not contain a provision comparable to the one in the full time agreement concerning tuition waivers for bargaining unit members. We were not able to convince the State to include this benefit for adjunct faculty when that contract was negotiated but, like a number of other things, this matter can be discussed at the local level. Given the many complimentary statements made by the Administration about the quality of both the full time and adjunct faculty over the years, it is reasonable to assume that the Administration would like to treat both groups equally where possible. We hope the Administration will take this opportunity to bring to adjunct faculty a comparable benefit to that enjoyed by full time employees. It is not likely that this program will create a fiscal exigency for The College but it will demonstrate their commitment to all employees.

Tuition Waivers for Children of Adjunct Faculty - When an agreement on this subject, MOA 65, was negotiated between our Local and the College in 2005 for full-time AFT unit members, children of adjunct faculty were not covered. While the College claimed to recognize the considerable contribution of adjunct faculty over many years, they were not prepared at that time to offer their children tuition waivers. It is a topic the College is willing to discuss further with us and we need to prepare a realistic proposal to negotiate with them. If you are willing to work on developing this proposal please contact us at  to indicate your interest. As soon as one is prepared, we will submit it to  the College and begin the negotiations process.

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